Oregon Ladies Aside

Oregon Ladies Aside is the result of the unexpected discovery of an antique sidesaddle at a local 4H tack sale in 2016. Bought as a joke for only $70, the Bona Allen western sidesaddle became the impetus for an Introduction to Sidesaddle Clinic by American Sidesaddle Association’s Judy Hastings. Thus riding sidesaddle became the passion and addiction of several of our members. But finding sidesaddles that fit both horse and rider became a major frustration and we were coming to the conclusion that riding sidesaddle was never going to happen. Then out of the blue the perfect sidesaddle appeared at a NAGs exhibit at the Washington Expo Horse Show. Not only was the 22″ wide tree Elan a perfect fit for several of our horses but it was a great match for our tall riders. Soon after, that saddle became a weekly fixture in our arena and everyone wanted to try it out. Now we have our own chapter of ASA and are on the hunt for more sidesaddles.