Northwest Aside Group (NAGs)

Northwest Aside Group

The Northwest Aside Group was formed about 12 years ago. We nicknamed ourselves the N.A.G.s because it was short and we figured it fit us. We have traveled all the Pacific Northwest states including Montana to do clinics and parades. Our greatest adventures were to Chilliwack and Red Deer Canada where we meet wonderful people and showed our drill team skills off with the help of our husbands Hal and Dick that always travel with us. They are our favorite pooper scoopers in the parades, two of which are approximately 4 miles long: the Portland Rose Parade in Oregon and Spokane Lilac Parade (an evening parade in which we put lights on the horses) in Washington. We make our own riding habits and claim to be little girls that love to dress up.

To get in contact with Northwest Aside Group, email president Judy Hastings.