Minnesotans on Side Saddles

Minnesotans on Side Saddles. Y? Because We Can!

MoSSy began in 2006 as a group of friends looking for other side saddle riders to ride with. Several families came together and for six years we were a very active group of ladies, both moms and daughters, and yes some willing men. We gave clinics, drawing in riders both local and at our largest we had riders from 5 states and Canada. We performed and had a booth several times at the Minnesota Horse Expo and the Rochester Expo. We rode in many, many parades and did demo rides all through the state. We also took trips to ride in National parades such as the Kentucky Derby Parade, the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade and the Presidential Inauguration Parade in Washington D.C. in 2009.

As our children grew, many members lives changed and we simply didn’t have the same time to dedicate to these events. Katey still likes to take those big trips and still teaches Side Saddle riding. She would love to have others in Minnesota join her in the fun. If you are interested in riding aside, would like a demonstration at your event or barn, have a side saddle you’d like information on, or ride aside already and want company on the trails or to the large national events, e-mail Katey, join MoSSy.

You can get in contact with MoSSy by emailing Katey Lunden.