Idaho Ladies Sidesaddle Association

Idaho Ladies Sidesaddle Association (ILSA)

In ILSA’s first year, members were in credibly active in parades, membership meetings and clinics, earning the 2018 Bust Bee Award. In early 2019 ILSA became an official 501C3. ILSA’s objectives are to promote learning how to ride this unique discipline, and also to educate members and the public about the historical attributes which allowed riding aside to evolve of thousands of years worldwide. In 2019, ILSA was invited to demonstrate at the Idaho Horse Expo and the Western Idaho Fair, among countless parades, clinics, meetings, and play days. ILSA anticipates maintaining a very active membership and welcomes new members who share the same motivation to educate and have fun! The majority of membership resides locally, but ILSA also has members from Nevada and California, who frequent the Boise area and participate in ILSA events.