Hoosier Ladies Aside (HLA)

Hoosier Ladies Aside

Hoosier Ladies Aside (HLA) was established in Indiana in 2001 for the purpose of promoting and preserving the elegance, beauty and art of sidesaddle riding. Members introduce sidesaddle by participating in reenactments, parades, clinics, demonstrations at special events, and horse shows. The group is a favorite at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park where they portray the Ladies’ Aide Society in the village of DuPont. They have also been honored to participate twice in the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade.

Hoosier Ladies Aside organizes an annual Charity Ride. It includes a Pace, a Chase, and a Trail Ride. The event provides the public with the opportunity to ride at the private estate Wild Air Farms, home to Traders Point Hunt. Proceeds benefit Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

The art of aside riding has been carried down through the ages by countless generations of women. Now, in modern times, Hoosier Ladies Aside carries on the art with modern saddles and safety attire. We look forward to riding with new friends through the American Sidesaddle Association.

For more information, please contact president Becky Goode.

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