CA Aside

California Aside

Founded in 2008, CA_Aside is a West Coast community of sidesaddle riders and enthusiasts, backed by an extended family of supporters in other states and countries. This non-profit association is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Preserve the tradition, skills and beauty of riding aside
  • Maintain a West Coast sidesaddle network to share ideas and support
  • Train new sidesaddle riders and educate the general public
  • Serve as sidesaddle “ambassadors” to the broader equestrian world
  • Promote fun through riding and social activities

The full range of riding disciplines can be accomplished on a sidesaddle. CA_Aside activities such as historic re-enactments, demos and theme parades represent different periods of time in history. Members also participate in contemporary events such as horse shows and endurance rides. In addition, groups gather informally for activities such as trail rides and sewing days to make sidesaddle riding apparel.

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