Apply To Be A Regional Club

Regional Club Requirements

There are only a few requirements to become an ASA regional affiliate.

  1. You must have at least five members.
  2. You must have had at least four members at four events in the past two years. Tthey don't have to have been the same members)
  3. You must submit a list of members, with contact information and $5/person.
  4. You must submit a list of officers.
  5. You must submit your purpose and your constitution. Feel free to copy from another group- Mid Atlantic Ladies Aside has an excellent constitution.

Your regional group will have one seat on the board of directors of ASA. You may select anyone you want, but most groups use their president. The general membership does not get an individual vote in ASA business. Only the board. That is so that no one group can become too powerful. Larger clubs may have an additional seat for each 25 members. ASA meeting agenda is posted about a week before quarterly conference call so that you can discuss things with your group that you might want their opinion on. If the club representative is unable to be on the call, she can have someone else sit in her place.

Each club may use ASA insurance. You get one free event per year, other events are $50 each, plus the cost of any additional insured.

You will have an opportunity to host the annual banquet. The current schedule is as follows (assuming no club declines the opportunity to host):

  • 2016 - Kentucky Sidesaddle
  • 2017 - Sidesaddle Sisters of Oklahoma
  • 2018 - Mid Atlantic Ladies Aside
  • 2019 - Hoosier Ladies Aside
  • Then any other new clubs. After that, we start over with Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, California, Washington, and Chicago, adding in new clubs as they are formed.
  • ASA members have access to the Phoenix magazine online, or you may have a hard copy mailed for an additional fee.

    Members may participate in the activities of any regional club, but an additional fee may apply to help cover that club's expenses.

    For a full list of Regional Club benefits, please download the benefits document below.

    To register your club as an ASA affiliate group, please complete the application form below and submit to ASA President Maggie Herlensky.