Awards Program

ASA Awards Program

Each year, ASA gives out various awards to outstanding members. Some of these awards are based on points that have accumulated over the year, others are based on a specific feat, action, or achievement. To be considered for an award, an individual or group must fill out the appropriate form(s), which may be found on the Award Nomination Forms page.

ASA Annual Awards Policy:

We would like everyone to note that this program is still a work in progress, to be developed with input from regional clubs through their representatives on the Board of Directors, who will determine the eventual direction this program should take.

ASA’s Award Philosophy

  • ASA wishes to recognize and honor participation in all disciplines and activities as equally as possible.
  • ASA will endeavor to make it possible for those from different regions (often without anything like the same total number of opportunities to compete) to compete on as level a playing field as possible.
  • ASA wishes to encourage novice riders, as well as recognize those at the top of their game. We also want to promote the fun and enjoyment of riding aside, as well as the competitive side.
  • ASA wishes to encourage and honor regional affiliated clubs through special awards.

ASA’s Trophy Donation Philosophy

  • ASA does not accept challenge or perpetual trophies for awards to individuals, due to the difficulty of keeping such awards in good condition as well as the difficulty and expense to recipients in returning them.
  • Any annual award may be sponsored in the name of a suitable equine, person, or organization; anyone who wishes to donate the cost of a given award should contact the award chairman before the designated date of the current competition year. Should the prospective donor wish to donate a specific item as an award rather than the cost of such award, the item must be approved by the awards committee. Once such sponsorship or donation is accepted, the award will be designated on the ASA website for the remainder of that year, as well as on any program and/or publicity listing such award, listing the donor and in whose honor the award is given.
  • In the case of more than one donor wishing to donate the award for a specific division, the first to properly submit sponsorship will be considered first.
  • No awards for new divisions, or with special qualifications or exclusions, will be accepted during the current show year. If proposed for the next competition year, such award must be approved by ASA’s board. We would prefer to have the existing awards filled before considering adding new ones, and would prefer to keep the number of awards at or close to its current number—manageable.
  • Breed awards have not yet been considered. ASA has considered a policy such that no breed award will be accepted without at least a letter of support from the respective breed organization (or possibly even some donation toward such award), which might help to promote side-saddle awareness within breed organizations.